Minimize Your Impact…


Mitigation Consultants manages your project to maximize benefit while minimizing environmental impact. We specialize in navigating the complex permitting and mitigation requirements associated with land, building, utility, and transportation projects in the Western United States. We work with you at all stages of your project from design to permitting, to compensatory land purchases, and all steps in between. By focusing on the environmental impacts of your project, we leverage our expertise to guarantee your success, we monitor and ensure regulatory program compliance, manage costs, and facilitate stakeholder consultation duringall phases of your project. We help you minimize your impact and maximize your project’s benefit!


Mitigation Consultants steps in where others can’t. With over a decade of experience in all aspects of environmental impact minimization and mitigation, we make sure your project or industry complies with current regulations and has the least impact possible.

Our skilled team assists with budgeting, permit applications, review, project compliance, and navigating various mitigation strategies including compensatory mitigation, Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs (MMRPs), biological/archaeological monitoring, American-Indian Tribal consultation, and Post-Construction Monitoring requirements. We’re dedicated to making sure your project adheres to the complex, ever-changing mitigation ecosystem.

We also assist those firms who may be interested in voluntarily reducing their operational impacts to their surroundings for the betterment of the environment and their surrounding communities.

Focus of Mitigation Services

  • Avoidance:  The first and most vital step of our work. How can we avoid impacting sensitive resources?  The answer often comes through project design and consultation with key stakeholders during the preliminary phase of your project. Let us help you succeed from the beginning and avoid expensive solutions down the road.

  • Minimization:  The next approach is to minimize those impacts which cannot be avoided. This may include setting specific construction time frames or implementing policies or procedures to ensure impacts to resources are reduced to their lowest extent. We’ll determine the most effective solutions based on our expert knowledge of the immediate environment and industry.
  • Compensatory Mitigation:  The final step is managing complex compensatory mitigation requirements and options as stipulated by federal, state, or local permits. You’ll benefit from our experience working with the Department of the Interior and other regulatory agencies.


  • Project Environmental Budget Estimating
  • Permit Review & Agency Consultation
  • Non-Compliance Plans & restitution
  • Stakeholder Consultation & Mediation
  • Mitigation Monitoring & Reporting Programs
  • Compensatory Mitigation Land Purchasing Consultation
  • Biological / Archaeological Monitoring
  • Post-Construction Monitoring Plans & Reporting
  • Emission Offset Programs
  • Pollution Management Programs


  • Construction
  • Utilities / Energy
  • Transportation
  • Urban Development & Planning
  • Recreation
  • Agriculture / Forestry / Fisheries
  • Railroads
  • Shipping/ Commerce


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